Get Clash of Clans for the Kindle Fire, HD, & HDX

How-to Install Clash of Clans to the Kindle Fire, HD, & HDX

Clash of Clans for the Kindle Fire, HD, HDX

Verify ‘Allow Installation of Applications’ is enabled

  • Kindle Fire & Kindle Fire HD Users: Settings > Device > Allow Installation of Applications – Turn Onallow_installation_kindlefire
  • Kindle Fire HDX & Fire HD Tablet Users: Settings > Security > Apps from Unknown Sources – Turn onApps from Unknown Sources Fire Tablet

Download and Install Clash of Clans to the Kindle Fire

  • On the Kindle Fire, navigate to the link and download the latest Clash of Clans installation file here:
    Clash of Clans APK
  • Go to the Menu icon, select Downloads, select the downloaded .APK file. and hit Install.
  • Enjoy!


Get the new Clash Royale for your Kindle Fire, here!

56 Responses

  1. Jeff E
    Jeff E at · · Reply

    Hi, this was super helpful, but now there is a new version and when I try this process on the newer apk it still ends up giving me an ‘Update’ message when I start the game and fails to update. Any ideas? Thanks!

  2. Juan Garza
    Juan Garza at · · Reply

    Even if I download my Clash of Clans as many times as I want, it says “Download Unsuccessful” I need help.

  3. MaryAnne
    MaryAnne at · · Reply

    Hi there! There is a new update, any chance you can make it available when you get free time. Thanks for sharing in the first place. 🙂

  4. MaryAnne
    MaryAnne at · · Reply

    You’re amazing! Thank you so much.

  5. Josh
    Josh at · · Reply

    Just wanted to say thanks. My 10 yr old little bro uses his kindle fire for Clash of Clans. (I use my Iphone) So happy this thread is here so I can keep him all updated. For those curious- If you already have COC on your kindle fire- to update you just do the same thing again with the updated link that is here. Same process. It WILL save your village and data. Cheers and merry Xmas!

  6. austin
    austin at · · Reply

    If I already have clash on my iPhone, how can I transfer my game since kindle won’t let me sign in to a Google plus account?

  7. Heid
    Heid at · · Reply

    We were able to download COC onto my sons new kindle hdx but we have not been able to successfully link his account. It says linking can only be done once. We had a nexus device and had linked it but returned it for the kindle and it was factory reset. Could this be a problem or are you not able to link accts. to kindle??
    Thanks for you answers.

  8. Wendell
    Wendell at · · Reply

    Hi. Clash has been updated again, and I was hoping the new was up already. Thanks for any help. My son’s can’t live without this game. 🙂

  9. David King
    David King at · · Reply

    If I root my kindle, will I be able to access Google play to get the other goodies?

  10. Joe P
    Joe P at · · Reply

    Can you make sure to get the new update coming out soon with clan wars? Thanks!

  11. Kyle
    Kyle at · · Reply

    Downloaded the update on my Kindle Fire HD 8.9 yesterday, it saved all my progress and works flawlessly! Thanks again for doing this and updating the file so quickly

  12. cody trent
    cody trent at · · Reply

    So there’s an improved clan wars update. When will this be up?

  13. cody trent
    cody trent at · · Reply

    Thank you

  14. David King
    David King at · · Reply

    Another update please

  15. matt
    matt at · · Reply

    When do you plan on posting the new update?

  16. matt
    matt at · · Reply

    Thank you.

  17. matt
    matt at · · Reply

    Sorry to keep bugging you but do you have a new time frame?’

  18. BobMarley
    BobMarley at · · Reply

    erich, all progress is saved so just download the link install and enjoy!

  19. Joe
    Joe at · · Reply

    the captia is blank and cannot read on my fire to download and the audio does not work any suggestions?

  20. DJ
    DJ at · · Reply

    When can we expect the new update? 2/24/2015 thanks.

  21. Mark
    Mark at · · Reply

    Is there going to be the Halloween update available for the kindle fire?

  22. Mark
    Mark at · · Reply

    Will the optional Christmas update be posted?


  23. Mark
    Mark at · · Reply

    Good morning, when will the treasury update be posted?

    Thank you

  24. Mikki
    Mikki at · · Reply

    Hiya are you going to post the new March 2016 update? Thanks

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